How to Activate Free Caller Tune in Jio — Stop / Change JioTunes

How to Activate Free Caller Tune in Jio — Stop / Change JioTunes

Have You Searched for “Set Caller Tune in Jio“, RefernLoot is Right Here too, We will help you about How to SET Caller Tune in Jio or जिओ में कॉलर ट्यून कैसे सेट करें. It can be SET by Jio Caller Tune Toll Free Number or you can also set Caller Ringtone via Sending SMS. Below we have listed Top 3 Methods to SET Free Caller Tune in Jio. Also, if you don’t want more caller tune on your Jio SIM Card, also, you can follow below steps to remove Caller Tune.

जिओ में फ्री Caller Tune कैसे सेट करें – जिओ में Caller Tune सेट करने के आप निचे दिए गए सभी methods में से कोई भी Apply कर सकते है यहाँ हम Jio में Caller Tune से सम्बंधित सभी चीजों पर discuss करेंगे – जैसे Caller Tune कैसे सेट करते है Jio में और Jio में Caller Tune को कैसे हटाएँ। और Jio कॉलर Tune में गाना कैसे Add करें।

How to Activate Free Caller Tune in Jio

Activate Free Caller Tune in Jio { How to Activate*}

Yeah, Here you can SET / Activate Caller Tune on Your Jio via Toll-Free Number or SMS. And also you can deactivate the Caller Tune Subscription via sending a Single SMS. You can SET JIO Caller Tune from Songs List. Follow Below Different – Different Methods to Activate / De-activate Caller Tune on Jio.

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About JIO / What is JIO

Jio is now India’s largest Mobile Network Operator in India, which is owned by Reliance Industries. And now within a short time, Jio has LTE Network, having coverage across the 22 circles. And it is the Toughest Competition with Airtel.

Activate Free Caller Tune on Reliance JIO

In this Article, we have talked about the Free caller tune activation on your reliance jio sim card, Where the Caller Tune will be activated with the 30 days validity, and after the 30 days, you can manually follow – Deactivate Jio Caller Tune steps from below. Also, after 30 days expire, you can again Re-Activate it.

Here You can Activate Free Caller Tune on Jio or SET Any Songs from the Movies Lists.

How to Activate Caller Tune on Reliance Jio for Free?

  • Open Your Phone’s default messaging app.
  • Type “JT“.
  • And Send it to “56789“.
  • You’ll receive a message for confirmation.

SET Caller Tune in Jio

  • Reply this Message with “Y” for Yes Activate Free Caller Tune.
  • You have successfully activated reliance jio caller tune for 30 days.

SET Songs as Your Caller Tune on JIO

  • Download First Jio Tunes App, If you don’t have?
  • Now Open the Jio Tunes App.
  • Listen the JioTune from the Jio Caller Tune Songs Lists.
  • Now Select Preview “Listen“.
  • Click on “SET AS JioTune
  • You will get Confirmation on your Screen and a Message.
  • Again Open Your Mobile’s default Messaging App.
  • Follow method as follows ->
    •  MOVIE movie_name SEND to 56789 
    •  ALBUM album_name SEND to 56789 
    •  SINGER singer_name SEND to 56789 

For an Example, You have selected 1sts option to SET Song as Caller Tune on Reliance JIo

  • Send MOVIE AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL to 56789.

Activate Free Caller Tune in JIO

  • You’ll receive a message.
  • And I select here “2” and again send it.

JIO Caller Tune Songs

  • Again, you’ll receive a confirmation message.
  • Reply this with sending “Y“.

SET Movie Song as Caller Tune in JIO

  • You have successfully activated a Song as JIO Caller Tune for 30 days.

Follow Below Steps for Change Reliance Jio Caller Tune Songs

As JioTunes / Jio Caller Tunes Services are free from Official Reliance Jio’s Statement. If you want to change the Reliance Jio Caller Tune or JioTunes, Simply Repeat the Above Steps.

After following any of the above steps, you have successfully change the Jio Caller Tune on Your Reliance Jio SIM.

Deactivate Jio Caller Tune, How?

Now at the end, if you do not want to continue with Reliance Jio Free Caller Tune, you can easily deactivate it. Following the below steps will come to a result which is Stop using the Jio Reliance Caller Tune / JioTunes.

  • Again Open the messaging app.
  • Type “STOP“.
  • And Send it to “56789” to deactivate caller tune.
  • A Confirmation message regarding “Your Caller Tune Service Successfully Deactivated”.
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