How to Increase Download Speed in UC Browser [Working Methods]

How to Increase Download Speed in UC Browser [Working Methods]

How to Increase Downloading Speed in UC Browser. If you are facing slow downloading speed in your UC browser, you’re at the right place. Hello friends, RefernLoot is here with the new guide/tips that will help to increase your slow internet speed. And if you are checking your downloading speed again n again which is already very slow. So, if you’re facing slow browsing or downloading speed, we are here to help you to maximize your download speed. Follow below tips which are not lengthy but the easy process will increase your downloading speed in UC Browser.

How to Increase Speed in UC Browser

UC Browser की Download स्पीड कैसे बढ़ाये?

मतलब यह कि आप भी यदि यूसी ब्राउज़र में धीमी स्पीड के चलते परेशान है तो अब आप भी अपने UC Browser Android Application में Internet Speed को बढ़ा सकते है और एक अच्छी स्पीड का आनंद ले सकते है यदि आप भी उनमे से है जिन्हे UC Browser में Slow ब्राउज़िंग स्पीड का सामना करना पढ़ रहा है एवं Downloading स्पीड बेहद कम है जैसे कि UC Browser में File डाउनलोड करते समय बहुत ही कम स्पीड आ रही है और अपनी UC Browser की Browsing & Downloading Speed Increase करना चाहते है तो निचे दिए गए स्टेप्स को फॉलो करें – शायद निचे दी हुई भिन्न भिन्न स्टेप्स में से कोई एक आपका मदद कर दे –

How to Increase Browsing Speed in UC Browser

Also, you can turn off image load to improve the UC Browser Browsing Speed as fast as it can. Even you can also set to the quality of the Image like what qualities of the image have to be the load. Follow the given steps to improve your UC Browser’s Browsing Speed. We recommend using low-quality images to be load or only text mode while browsing.

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How to Increase Downloading Speed in UC Browser

Millions of users are active users are using UC Browser in their daily life and lots of them are facing just slow UC browser downloading speed or slow UC Browser Browsing Speed. Also, they are searching for “How to Increase UC Browser Download Speed” or “How to Get High Speed Downloading Speed in UC Browser”. Approx 45 Million Active Users are currently using UC Browser for Browsing except for other Popular Browsers like Chrome, Opera, Mozilla FireFox, etc.

Yet here we are Sharing Trick to Increase UC Browser Browsing Speed. Additionally, UC Browser comes with Adblocker and Cloud Integration. UC Browser user interface is user-friendly which is easy to use. UC Browser giving you Downloading as well as Browsing amazing Speed in all android mobile.

Tips to Maximize Your Speed

  • First of all Open UC Browser App.
  • Now go to UC Browser Setting.
  • And Tap on Browser Setting.
  • On Image Quality option Set “Medium” or “Low”.
  • Done!! Your Browsing Speed will be increased as compared to before etc.

Guide to Get High Downloading Speed

  • After starting the download
  • Open in New Tab
  • Now Select Any Video and Play for just 5sec.-10sec.
  • That’s all
  • Check the Speed Now
  • Enjoy!!

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  1. priyank

    my uc browser is trobling me alot even i re installed it then also its the same issue .
    when i download some thing it automatically gets stuck and i have to pause it and resume it again and again to continue downloading how can i fix it some1 plz help asap …..

  2. alok

    Still Speed not increase Nor download speed and with incomplete download not starting .

    1. RefernLoot-Team

      Alok bro, Now try this new method.

  3. Ajithkumar

    Download speed is very very slow

    1. RefernLoot-Team

      Try Above Method, I am sure it will help you

  4. Johan

    The downloads are slow. I am downloading at ±200kps ~ ±300kps with the native browser of my BlackBerry Curve 9320. The problem is the device keeps freezing when I download large files and I need to reset it each time, just to start the download again and have the device freeze again. So I downloaded UC Browser in the hopes of having something that won’t freeze each time and that supports resuming the download where it had stopped the last time, but now the speed is significantly slower, ± 15kps

  5. gaurav

    Nor more….not working

  6. Aadarsh Roy

    Hey RefernLoot Team,

    Great post with great tips to increase the download speed of UC browser. Slow downloading speed is a very common problem that a users generally faced in their daily life. I really like the tips that you have listed, whereas your also the mentioned tips are simple and easy to understand and follow. Following these tips will helps many people and users to increase the download speed of the browser.

    Helpful post and thanks for sharing.

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